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Coinka Conquers The Croptocurrency World With Its Ecosystem In Investment Consulting Services

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Coinka Conquers The Croptocurrency World With Its Ecosystem In Investment Consulting Services

October 11
13:45 2018

The value of global stock market is more than $100 trillion in 2018, and rised at $6.7 trillion during the period of internet bubble in 2000. But now, the market size for the value of global crypto-currency is less than $200billion, which has large gap compared the former one. For users, there are more than 1300 kinds of projects traded on exchanges that at the same time, bring about the rapid growth of self-media. Confronted with the torrent of information, the demand for advisory consultant is of great importance since users cannot recognize true messages and advantageous projects. Consultants not only provide reliable market analysis, project analysis but also show their quantitative return rankings, help leaders pick out useful suggestions and assists clients to make investment in an easy way. At the same time, excellent consultants are able to tell you how to avoid risks and improve your return as much as possible.

Tong Huashun, the company that wants to “Make investment Simple”, has already possess 40 million registered users with good user experience. The reason is not simply the trade but the functions and services that perfectly meet user needs. The industrial disadvantage indicates opportunities in the large market as well, which, to some extent, may make difference on 0.2 billion investors and the global market.

COINKA, the next TongHuashun in digital assets circle

Coinka, The first digital assets service company around the world that invests in consultative ecosystem, is supported by renowned organizations such as Hong Kong Sequoia Capital, John investment institute. Apart from transactions, Coinka puts much of its attention to consultative service in investment, quantitative return rankings, following investment in a click, Q&A services, community, dynamic news of projects, dynamic status of major accounts.

“Surpass” is not only functions and services, but predictive layout

Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 digital assets exchanges over the world , most of which depend heavily on mimic in exclusion area such as trade mode, registration invite and mining mode. In addition to transactions, Coinka focuses on the layout of consultative ecosystem in investment.

1、Firstly, when it comes to the top-level design, investment advisers, through “Adviser Mining”, release the trend prediction, project analysis, investment portfolio and so on. By using reading, thumb up, comments, transmit, users can earn CK platform tokens and attracts more investment advisers’ attention; moreover, taking advantage of ranking system, more advisers is able to stand out and more following fans will register on the platform.

2、Users can check the investment strategies and grades of those excellent advisers in trading simulator and quantitative ranking system, and then follow them to make reasonable investment decision. New users also can attain knowledge and experience from this system.

3、On dynamic news for projects, Coinka picks out latest development, notices, hot spots by means of data crawler and big data to help clients save much time searching out of the site.

4、On data index,Coinka provides adequate services within just one procedure: real-time currency tracking of the major accounts, real-time location monitoring and abundant technical index, to enhance the value transformation of investment and avoid risks.

5、What’s more, we also hold market prediction games, Q&A services, live broadcast, community and other functions and services. In the future, CK will expand its ecosystem of investment management.

Different from others regular exchanges, Coinka, by the avenue of superior investment adviser mining mechanism, help consultants and users communicate better with each other, provide a series of creative functions and services, so as to achieve its transformation from exchange to service provider. From the aspect of mode, predictable layout, focus on users and start with service, will finally step into a promising future.

Ecosystem spare CK more strength, enormously convoy our platform

When regular platforms are restricted by the currency trading, fee waiver, cash dividends, air-drop candy and campaign for the self-governing council where users almost cannot create value exchange in practical application. However, CK apply them in the function and services that users needed, such as: click for following, questions and answers, send gifts for live broadcast, assets management, market prediction games, high-level subscription and so on. It also can create the damage mechanism in application that can keep the balance of production and damages. Besides, Hong Kong Sequoia Capital, John Capital, Wendian Capital, Tian Yingwo Capital, Yi He Capital, Hong Da Capital, Shang Lian Capital and others famous VC are lead the round of COINAK, convoy our platform. Further provide CK with more value.

Finally, we put our sight on the future. Since the start of information technological revolution, we had been facing multiple wealth opportunities, all of which went through various twists and turns but eventually succeed. It also involved cases in regard to the spirit of being the first, For example, Fcoin is the first exchange to put forward the trade mining, then it exceeds Binance, Huo Bi and other 4 exchanges within 15 days. As the first investment consultative exchange in the world, COINKA makes use of nearly one hundred and thousand seed users in the IPFS in early stage, has have up to 50 thousand active users before the online transaction. What about the future? Let’s go and see!

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