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Runescape Franchise Creator Jagex Is Engaging In A Mysterious Project On An Action Role-Playing Game

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Runescape Franchise Creator Jagex Is Engaging In A Mysterious Project On An Action Role-Playing Game

December 14
07:04 2018
Based on the leak from internal staff in Jagex, we are learning that the company has been working on a new project on an Action Role-Playing Game, which is precisely unprecedented in the Runescape franchise as all previous installents are united with the same genre – Massively Multiplayer Online. We currently try to figure out why Jagex chose this path and what intrigued him to leave out his comfort zone and take on the big challenge. Let’s get into the story now.

As the Runescape Mobile version has released for over one month and Runescape Classic has been shut down for over four months, another breathtaking leak revealed by one staff of Jagex managements, Nathan Richardsson, which was stating there is a project of a Runescape-themed Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG for short) in the works at Jagex.

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The news was uncovered and went public afterwards as a result of the latest update of working experience from Nathan Richardsson’s LinkedIn Page. The newly-appointed Exclusive Producer, who has joined in Jagex less than a year and assumed the power of directing the project 3 months ago, only wrote “An unannounced Runescape Action Role Playing Game. And world domination, of course.” on the page. There are no other sources yet able to confirm the authenticity of his private statement.

Since its debut in 2001, the Runescape franchise has been a phenomenal success in a global range. The player base of Runescape has since kept skyrocketing, until 2008, The Guinness World Record approved of the game as the largest and most-updated free MMORPG in the world.

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Given that OSRS Mobile Version has been a hit since its premiere, it’s not exceptional at all for Jagex burying itself in another groundbreaking program to grease the wheels of prosperity. Whereas the Runescape Franchise that Jagex has been immersing into for 18 years and Nathan Richardsson’ s 20-year expertise on video games’ developing both have nothing to do with the ARPG genre and correlative productions, the news has become one of the bombshells in the game industry this year. A Runescape-themed ARPG means on the premise of not modifying the core of Runescape franchise, adding in more elements, like adventure system, real-time combat, as well as reversing the previous gameplay, graphics and mechanics. It’s hard to imagine that Jagex and Nathan would actually work out this conversion, but all our hopes go with them. And maybe it sounds a little bit cliche, but I really look forward to a unique and groundbreaking new Runescape installment coming out soon.

Two Milestones in the ARPG history: Diablo Franchise (Left); Mass Effect Franchise (Right)

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