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Healing Health Teas Features Gynostemma Used by Chinese Seniors that Live Past 100

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Healing Health Teas Features Gynostemma Used by Chinese Seniors that Live Past 100

February 07
16:54 2019

London, England – Feb 7, 2019 – Gynostemma pentaphyllum has been attributed to the longevity of residents in the Guangxi and Sichuan provinces in Southern China. Healing Health Teas offers a unique blend of green tea that incorporates that very same natural herb that aids in detoxification of the body, weight loss and fighting fatigue.

“We eat to live, not live to eat,” said Sheila Black, executive director of Healing Health Teas. “Our body is a temple and it’s necessary to detox to stay healthy.”

In 1970, China undertook a comprehensive census project and found an extraordinary number of people living past the age of 100 in the provinces of Guangxi and Sichuan. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences were sent to investigate, taking into account genetics, climate, diet and other factors.

The scientists discovered that the residents made a tea from a wild vine growing locally that they called “Xiancao,” also known as the immortality herb. Researchers were able to identify the plant as Jiaogulan, known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum in Latin.

The Gynostemma in Healing Health Teas’ healthy detox tea contains powerful antioxidants, aids in cleansing the liver, slimming the body, and eliminating belly fat. Folium Ginkgo is added for its antiaging properties and ability to improve blood circulation.

Along with the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Healing Health Teas incorporates essential micronutrients that strengthen the immune system and are proven to be effective for weight loss and addressing digestive issues. Lactose is included to improve the development and growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The caffeine-free, zero-calorie tea helps improve liver function. The liver works to remove toxins from the body, filters the blood, regulates blood sugar levels, and breaks down fat cells to produce energy or for elimination from the body. Healing Health Teas offers a flavorful detox tea that assists the liver perform its natural functions and for fat loss that works.

The antiaging benefits of the detox tea offered by Healing Health Teas provide individuals with a tasty way to improve liver function for weight loss, boosting gut health, and improving circulation. The tea assuages thirst while providing the body with essential nutrients and helps control anxiety and stress for better health and wellness.

About Healing Health Teas

Healing Health Teas is an herbal tea brand that has a delicious and diverse selection of teas providing a myriad of benefits. You can enjoy your tea and also have its amazing health benefits at the same time. The herbs in our teas are full of beneficial properties, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which have amazing effects on the human body. The best part is that our teas taste so good.

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