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Wheel Clamp Manufacturer Reveals Robust Features Of Their Parking Locks & Wheel Clamps For A Safe Parking Facility

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Wheel Clamp Manufacturer Reveals Robust Features Of Their Parking Locks & Wheel Clamps For A Safe Parking Facility

February 14
04:00 2019
Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd designs and supplies parking locks and wheel clamps to restrict the movement of unauthorized vehicles and create a safe parking facility for authorized users.

For any parking lot, it could be a matter of great importance to offer a safe, convenient and peaceful parking facility to its authorized users. The parking facility should also adopt a measure to reserve space for its authorized car parkers. The safety of a parking lot can now be achieved with the help of parking technology products developed by Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd. The company offers a variety of wheel clamps and parking locks that can be used to restrict access of an unauthorized user to a parking lot.

Wheel Clamp Manufacturer Reveals Robust Features Of Their Parking Locks & Wheel Clamps For A Safe Parking Facility

The company boasts of its robust parking lock, which can be used to reserve a parking space for an authorized parker. When the space is unoccupied, the lock rises above to restrict parking of a vehicle that is not authorized. The lock supports wireless communication and can be integrated with the parking gateway, mobile application or the Bluetooth. A user can reserve the parking space with the help of the mobile app that can communicate with the parking lock. The lock comes with a built-in vehicle detector that can provide real-time status of the parking space occupancy. The backend software can allow managing the parking space from the gateway itself. The lock allows an easy installation and features low power consumption.  The product is waterproof and dust-proof and has a life of minimum 5 years.

Another important safety product of the company is the wheel clamp. The wheel clamp manufacturer offers different types of wheel clamps, such as triangle wheel clamp, trailer wheel clamp, car wheel clamp, and wheel clamp lock.  The wheel camp can lock the tires of a car and can restrict an authorized parker from taking away his/her car without paying for the parking rights. Besides enforcement of unpaid parking fees, the clamp can also prevent a car from being stolen when parked in a parking lot. The company supplies wheel clamps with adjustable diameter and widths, which can fit into car models, fitted with different types of tires. The heavy duty clamps are safe and cannot be broken by the thieves.

According to the spokesperson of the wheel clamp supplier, the wheel clamps are made of heavy duty steel and are unbreakable. With its anti-theft design, a car is safe when parked in a parking lot and cannot be stolen by a thief. The product is easy to use and one can quickly lock or unlock a vehicle with its keys. The clamp comes with two keys and one crank for easily locking up a vehicle and disallows an unauthorized access. When not in use, these clamps can easily be stored in a small space. Guangzhou KinouWell has different clamp designs that could be used for locking cars of different makes and models.

To check the features and other details of the parking safety products of the company, one can visit the website

About Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd is a leading parking company that focuses on manufacturing smart parking facilities and providing intelligent parking solutions to clients from global markets. With strong R&D and professional traffic parking management, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd continually brings innovative and effective parking solutions and products to market. 

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