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Greg DeLine, President of the Board for Phoenix Programs, Recommends a CAB for Alcohol Awareness Month

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Greg DeLine, President of the Board for Phoenix Programs, Recommends a CAB for Alcohol Awareness Month

March 16
00:39 2019
Phoenix Programs, located in Columbia, Missouri is in the business of helping people change. Its mission is to provide effective treatment for those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Columbia, Mo. – With the month of April recognized as National Alcohol Awareness Month, Phoenix Programs wants to remind anyone who believes they struggle with alcohol to “take a CAB” to support taking that first step in acknowledging a problem and seeking help.

CAB, an acronym created by Heather Harlan, a counselor and prevention specialist with Phoenix Programs, stands for cue, allies and baby steps. CAB helps people take those first steps to change.

C stands for cue. People need to change what follows a cue, or trigger, to a different behavior. For example, when people get up in the morning, they drink coffee. Getting up in the morning is the cue. Even if it’s a reminder on a mobile phone, people should develop a cue that reminds them to change their behavior.

A stands for allies. Talk to people and find those individuals who will be there to support the change. It’s accountability in a positive way. Similar to a “work-out buddy,” when people surround themselves with others who positively reinforce and support the change, then success is much more likely.

B stands for baby steps. If people have a hard time getting started on their goal, it might be because the goal is too big. Break it down to a smaller first step. Keep breaking it down if needed to make the first step achievable. Making minor changes can result in bigger achievements for the long term.

“When I first heard Heather break down aspects of recovery into more relatable and achievable actions such as CAB, I was inspired to think just how many more people we can help by eliminating some of the barriers of taking a first step in the road to recovery,” said Greg DeLine, board president of Phoenix Programs.

For people who may need to take that first step, Phoenix Programs offers certified counselors and a professional team to support individuals through a continuum of research-driven strategies for prevention, treatment and long-term recovery.

For more information, contact Phoenix Programs Columbia Missouri. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. is the sponsor of April as National Alcohol Awareness Month. The national theme for this year is “Help Today, Hope Tomorrow.”

Greg DeLine is an entrepreneur and philanthropist in Columbia, Missouri. Learn more about Greg’s business and community work at or follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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