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React Native Specialists Vet Candidates in Ways HR Can’t: And It’s Paying Off for Companies

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React Native Specialists Vet Candidates in Ways HR Can’t: And It’s Paying Off for Companies

March 16
01:33 2019
Tired of HR delivering you developers with the wrong skill set? Get real Native specialists to locate the perfect candidate for your project and budget.

One mobile development company is helping other companies fill their open positions with ideal candidates by thoroughly vetting according to criteria that actually get the job done.

Pittsburgh, PA – In a world where there aren’t enough React Native developers, companies have to get creative with recruiting. HR doesn’t know one React resume from the next, leaving you with a candidate who isn’t right for the job. That’s what is putting an end to with their new staff augmentation service.

As a team of React Native evangelists, Parsed is using their expertise and borderline obsession with React to vet technical candidates for companies in ways that few human resources departments can do.

After pushing dozens of apps to stores using the cross-platform coding language, they know exactly what gets the job done and the soft skills needed for a flawless customer experience. This translates into effective staffing evaluations to deliver top-notch talent to augment a company’s existing development team, or to help build a new one.

Traditional Recruitment Doesn’t Work for Technical Candidates

React Native expertise is in heavy demand across the USA, but with so few qualified candidates, companies have no choice but to turn to recruiters. The current problem they face is that few human resources departments are trained in React Native to properly vet a candidate prior to selection.

Recruiters are notorious in the development industry for delivering candidates who have great soft skills, but soft skills don’t build apps – experienced coders do. This is especially true with React Native.

Parsed is a cross-platform mobile development company with a strong resume of having built highly functional apps, so they know exactly what a company is going through. This is why they developed a staffing augmentation solution to help companies find candidates that fit their goals.

Parsed’s CEO, Casey Garland summarized this when he said:

“It’s not HR’s fault. One React Native resumé looks exactly the same as the next. The only way to really know their stuff is to test their chops. Coders are a unique bunch. The only person who can really tell if they’re a fit for the job is another coder. That’s where we come in, offering a technical and transparent lens to the staffing process.”

Parsed Tests Every Skill Needed for Your Project

Parsed’s process thoroughly vets every candidate in each of the necessary skills for React Native projects. Here’s their process:

  • Interview with a senior engineer: They are put through the wringer by a battle tested engineer who can sniff out if they’ve got what it takes to push your app to production.

  • Coding challenge: Instead of just saying they are a React Native specialist, Parsed makes them prove it. If they can pass our test, you can be confident in their capability to write code.

  • Soft skills test: Parsed has made dozens of apps, so they know a thing or two about keeping clients satisfied. They’ll make sure your dev is more than just a robot, and equipped with good communication skills as well.

Parsed’s expertise and thorough vetting process ensure that companies will get the ideal client rather than relying on HR to deliver. Only a real coder at heart can tell if the candidate is the right fit for the job. Parsed’s staff augmentation and React Native mobile development services are available now.

About the Company:

Parsed is a team of React Native evangelists that live and breathe the coding language. They care about having the best people and offering great services at affordable prices. Their entire business model is built around efficiency and passing those savings along. Their expertise in React Native allows you to get a stunning, flawless app in less time and far below what other companies charge. Value, transparency, and efficiency are the only things that matter to them. They can develop an app for you, or they can find you an expert to bring in-house and build your React team.

To learn more, visit:

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