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New GoFundMe Launches Sharing The Story of Jacob’s Syndrome

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New GoFundMe Launches Sharing The Story of Jacob’s Syndrome

March 16
02:06 2019

My nephew Jacob is part of the one to nine out of every 100,000 people who have Sotos Syndrome.

Basically, it is a form of gigantism. The rapid growth can cause issues, such as a dilated aorta, gives his face a particular shape and is assorted with various learning disabilities. In the case of Jacob, it gave him a disorder in the spectrum of autism.

His gigantism was apparent at the very moment of birth, since he came into the world weighing 12 pounds. The nurses even weighed him twice to be sure of it…

Unfortunately, after 18 hours of work, forceps had to be used to allow Jacob to let out his first cry. And born with two hernias, he had enough to cry about.

Another side effect of this accelerated growth is the greater likelihood of contracting one or more cancers.

In Jacob’s case, he was diagnosed with leukemia, specifically T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which accounts for about 5% of leukemia cases in Canada.

This was on July 15, 2014. From that point, two years of treatments followed, including eight sessions of cranial radiotherapy.

He won that first fight and hope was restored. Shortly after, he made a wonderful trip to Disney World thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Now a teenager, measuring six feet and wearing size “15” boots at only 13, Jacob was more concerned about playing Fortnite than his battle with cancer.

Unfortunately, it would not be so simple.

Overwhelmed with strange pains for the last few months, today he has a diagnosis: a relapse of leukemia, possibly associated with another type of cancer.

There are several affected areas in his body, including some sites compressing her spinal cord. This is the cause of pain, while a cancer is usually painless.

During the first fight, I was simply dazzled by the strength of character of Jacob’s mother, my sister Célia.

I had no idea that she could draw so much strength from within herself. Even if I’ve known her since she was born, I’m her big brother after all.

This time around, at the dawn of this new battle, I feel she’s more fragile.

She needs support, particularly from her spouse Pascal.

Since 2014, my sister has put a stop to her career. She was a graphic designer for the “Hebdos Montérégiens”, a local chain of newspapers, to take care of her children full time.

Pascal has the burden of providing the sole salary of the household. And with a teenager of this size, plus his little brother, grocery bills come in large and quick!

That’s why we started a fundraising campaign.

To ease the burden of these and other bills and instead allow the family to put their energy on healing and mutual support.

So that they can be at the bedside of their son.

And so that a father can be present.

If his history touches you, we would greatly appreciate you speaking about Jacob and his fight in your media, to highlight his courage and, by the same token, give a boost to our fundraising campaign.

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