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Personal Branding and Image Training Drive Sales: 4 in 5 Consumer Purchases Inspired By Influencers

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Personal Branding and Image Training Drive Sales: 4 in 5 Consumer Purchases Inspired By Influencers

May 09
03:38 2019

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is just one of the social media platforms driving the influencer movement. Virtually every communication strategy now incorporates influencer marketing in their strategy and according to 2019 surveys (see below), it is generating incredible revenue and overall success.

In the U.S., one survey has found that 88% of consumers’ buying habits have been inspired by an influencer, while as many as four in five have purchased a product or a service following a post from an influencer. Another study conducted by Toluna points out another fact: over 56% of Americans believe that influencers have an impact on their daily life and 44% generally trust their recommendations.

But influencers are not necessarily celebrities…

Despite popular belief, an influencer does not have to be someone as famous as Beyonce, Rihanna or Michelle Obama. Even more so, the above mentioned survey has demonstrated the contrary: working with micro-influencers, that is a user that has at least 3,000 followers on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, is more appealing to marketers. About 41% of influencers employed by brands are micro-influencers.

This shows that consumers’ attitudes are not only impacted by fame or worldwide recognition and rather establishing trust, credibility, authenticity and relatability with a person. And at the core of this all sits the important concepts of personal branding and image training.

Can anyone become an influencer?

At the heart of successful influencer marketing sits storytelling and an obvious passion and dedication for an area, whether it’s fashion, entertainment, medical, or just about any other industry. Image consultants from Sterling Style Academy, a U.S. based, globally recognized training academy, weigh in: “Personal branding is definitely key nowadays, whether you are an influencer or not. Social scientific studies have proven over and over again that appearance and overall presence play a huge role in how others perceive us and most importantly, if they choose to trust us or not. As anyone can imagine, this can make or break an influencer’s career. Given our global reach, we have worked with clients whose goal was exactly this: to become a social media influencer. Our expertise in personal style, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping to name just a few have helped empowered them into shaping their personal branding and equipping them with the appropriate information to make choices that will reinforce what they stand for and put a spotlight on their personalities. With the right mindset, dedication and by acknowledging the importance of asking for image consulting services, who is to say anyone can’t become a micro-influencer?”

About Sterling Style Academy

With a global footprint encompassing the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Sterling Style Academy has been building its reputation as a recognized institute for image consulting, personal styling, and personal shopping. Drawing from expertise from the world’s most glamorous fashion capitals and the on-going interest in the latest industry developments, the team at Sterling Style Academy has created a robust training offering, including on-site and online courses.



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