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The Kramer Book Series and Pre-production of Oscar the Homeless Cat by Donald Sexauer– Bringing Fun and Lessons for Children

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The Kramer Book Series and Pre-production of Oscar the Homeless Cat by Donald Sexauer– Bringing Fun and Lessons for Children

June 07
09:14 2019
The Kramer Book Series and Pre-production of Oscar the Homeless Cat by Donald Sexauer– Bringing Fun and Lessons for Children

Bradenton, Florida – June 6, 2019 – Donald Sexauer wrote the Kramer book seriesafter being inspired by his grandsons. The books in this series are Kramer Makes David Smile, Kramer and Jack Make Choices, Kramer??!, The Standoff and Kramer Too. It all started when Donald Sexauer’s grandsons requested him for a physical remembrance of Kramer, although they did believe Kramer was in cat heaven. Then, sibling jealousy kicked in when Jack, one of Donald’s grandsons said that David is loved more because a book is written in his name, which prompted Donald to write Kramer and Jack Make Choices. That led to the series of Kramer books.

Writing the Kramer Book Series made Donald Sexauer learn a lot about himself, even how to make inner peace with his own elder brother. Making Oscar the Homeless Cat take form made him focus on the animals and explore how cats seem to have human characteristics. Donald illustrates his books; he learned that drawing cats isn’t easy.

In the Oscar book, Donald tries to understand the misunderstood creatures cats seem to be. He keeps Oscar’s physical appearance black and white, while building up his colorful personality. The cat’s charm turns heads, and people can’t get enough of him. Oscar is Donald’s walking exercise companion, and every day, the book about the cat gets a new depth. The homeless cat is quite bossy, unrestrained, territorial, and subtly demanding. Donald gives Oscar a voice – what he would say if he could speak via the book Oscar the Homeless Cat. Donald clarifies further about Oscar the Homeless Cat, “The book tries to get into the head of Oscar. I tried to make the dialogue tough, but intelligent … but most importantly, HIS voice … at least what I think he is saying and how he is thinking.”

When asked what makes his books different, Donald says, “These books are of a different kind. For me, both books are for cat lovers. The “Kramer” books talk about sibling rivalry and how a pet becomes an important member of the household by helping the kid in that process”. Another difference, in the Kramer series  the pets affect the family. But Oscar is more affected by the family. But in both books, pets are family.

Donald Sexauer hopes his books are loved and become children’s classics spanning generations.

About the author

In the early ‘60s, Donald Sexauer moved his wife and three daughters to Westchester County from Manhasset, Long Island, New York equipped with a BS in Biochemistry and a Masters in English from NYU, along with many additional graduate English courses.

For twenty-five years, Donald taught all grades in English and Drama at Fox Lane High School in Bedford New York.

Donald enjoys painting, gardening (especially raising orchids), swimming, and, of course, getting to know and understand Oscar.

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