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feisou shampoo, cleaning and maintaining people’s scalps with natural ingredients

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feisou shampoo, cleaning and maintaining people’s scalps with natural ingredients

July 26
04:21 2019

The scalp, which consists of the epidermis and dermis, ages the fastest and has the highest free radical content. The epidermis protects the scalp from polluted environment and bacteria, helping people avoid many scalp problems such as the scalp sensitivity, itchy scalp and flaky scalp. The dermal layer below the epidermis contains about 18 to 40 percent of the bodys water, keeping the scalp hydrated, delivering nutrients and excreting waste. Hair grows from the follicles, so the health of the scalp determines the health of the hair. Then how should people clean and maintain their scalps?Here we have two tips: Care the scalp regularly and use a good shampoo.

In Japan or European and American countries, hair and scalp care has been a common consuming behavior. One in three Japanese women has undergone hair and scalp care at a salon, according to a survey, which shows that Japanese value the hair and scalp care very much. The scalp ages 6 times faster than facial skin, therefore, people should also do some care for their scalps when they intend to care their faces.

A good shampoo is necessary for scalp care, and weakly acidic shampoo may be the best choice for people.

Human scalp is weakly acidic with the pH value of 4.5-6.5so the prolonged use of alkaline shampoo that has a strong cleaning power will make the scalp lose the necessary grease, break the acid-base balance on it and even damage the epidermal layerthe alkaline shampoo will stimulate the epithelial cells of the scalp, and cause dandruff, greasy scalp and even hair loss.

Cleaning peoples hair in a mild way, feisou amino acid shampoo is weakly acidic with a pH value of 5.5, which is similar to the one of human scalp.

So far, feisou has launched four types of shampoo with different efficacies, they are the orange flavored NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo, the lemon flavored SCALP DEEP CLEANING shampoo with oil-control efficacy, the mint flavored REFRESHING ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo and the ginger flavored HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo. People can choose one of them according to their own needs. 

feisou shampoo has been always avoiding the use of unnecessary ingredients, aiming to help people get healthier hair care. It does not contain any flavor so that even the pregnant women and patients with allergic rhinitis can use it at ease. Without containing the thickener sodium chloride, feisou shampoo is liquid in texture, which means that it will not burden on peoples scalps. Being silicone-free, the shampoo is easy to rinse out. Without the addition of pigments, the color people can see in the shampoo comes from the essential oils, therefore, the shampoo should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the deterioration. Regularly do the hair and scalp care with proper shampoo products, and attentively maintain your scalp attentively. 

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