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Disrupting the Industry with Homes of the Future

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Disrupting the Industry with Homes of the Future

September 29
09:18 2020
Disrupting the Industry with Homes of the Future
First Carbon Neutral Safe SuperStructureâ„¢ & 5D BIM Software Redefines Building Standards.

Wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes continue to devastate entire communities, leaving multitudes of homeowners and businesses at complete loss of pride possessions and valuable documents. While we cannot control mother nature’s fury, we can make a change in the faulty and inefficient building materials that only continue to be burned, flooded and wind-swept time and time again. This wasteful cycle signals an immediate need for change with a Safe SuperStructure™ that offer the technology and software for ultimate durability, sustainability, safety, and peace-of-mind for the future.

Studio RMA™ CEO Robert Mechielsen™ has raised the industry standard with his development of the First US Carbon Neutral Safe SuperStructure™ for construction and architectural industries, corporations, and residential and commercial properties. Defying the odds of natural disaster with impressive aesthetic appeal, these Patent-Pending Inventions that are unique and exclusive to Safe SuperStructure™ will last for generations, leaving a legacy for families, future thinkers and celebrities — building the city of the future, today:

* 100% Allergy Free * 3-Hour Burn Rating * Made from Non-Toxic Recyclable Materials * No Mold/Mildew * Low Maintenance * No Termites * Bullet-Resistant * Cost-Efficient * Supreme Insulation with R50 Rating — Signifcant Energy & Cost Savings

Robert Mechielsen™ brings his masterful ingenuity to life by applying his European influence, originating in Holland, to modern aesthetics that are as powerful in design as they are resistant to the impact of climate conditions. Hands-on and with precise vision for the end-result, he seamlessly works alongside local architects and contractors on each project toward the impressive development of Smart Safe SuperStructure™ for Urban communities. In fact, he is also well-known for some of the private homes of Hollywood’s elite families and stars of James Bond films!

Safety & Security • Safe SuperStructure™ can be hooked into utilities or totally off the grid, making its own or both • If the concrete cracks, scientific formula makes it self-repair • Hurricane- and wind-resistant to at least 200 mph rating with glass of the same ratings • Known to withstand 6.25 Earthquake without any damage, not even a crack • Withstood Category 4 Hurricane with 140 mph winds, with only $1500 in cosmetic damage — while the city endured complete devastation

Superior Design & Construction • First carbon neutral home and buildings in US, meaning Zero energy building design • Rating to build up to 7 Stories • Large, open-span windows • High-end European style from magnificent homes and resorts to Habitat for Humanity • Commercial mixed use buildings, hotels and building/rebuilding wineries to include Napa Valley • Monolithic entails the roof being equally strong, as part of the Safe SuperStructure • Design can accommodate 14′ high ceilings • 26,000 gallon rain catcher that is purified with a stage on top • Concert Hall with superior acoustics • Cantilever Deck • As strong as 8” of cement

Ultimate Disrupter in the Construction Industry Robert Mechielsen™ ingenuity is comprehensive from construction to technology and software! Vertikaal™ user-friendly 5D BIM Software takes Smart Urban Development to the next level for green building systems, making it easy to design and build multi-stories, commercial buildings and custom homes, effectively disrupting the construction industry — The Future Is Now™! • Reduction of carbon footprint • Cuts construction cost up to 38% • Time savings for those involved in building — blueprints ready for permitting from 2 months to 1 hour • Auto-generation of a new site in seconds • Final design can be visualized in 3D • The software uses both heuristic based AI and physics based AI

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Press Links Robert Mechielsen™ is the Founder with 30 yrs Design & Construction experience CO2 Neutral and Green Design with Studio RMA™ Software – BIM – Engineering

NY Times Feature Total devastation except 1 house after Mexico Beach Florida Hurricane Michael — The Mexico Beach Florida house with no real style same building system, had only $1500 worth of cosmetic damage from Hurricane Michael:

Habitat Magazine Feature Magnificent 2 family home and event center with spa. Designed to include essentials for birth to hospice for generations, like European countries. For this SuperStructure, he also designed 3 acres of native tropical plants:

Projects Underway Robert Mechielsen® is building a 4000 bottle wine cave along with a $35 million winery in Napa covering 3 acres. There are 30 wineries burned down on the street where he is building a 3 acre, $35 million winery that sits on 40 acres. • Vertikaal® Website:

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