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The Importance of Oral Healthcare

The Importance of Oral Healthcare

A good oral health is not only vital for the appearance but also for the ability to chew, sleep, and digest food in a healthy manner.
Oral health does not only have its influence on the appearance of a person, but also on the patient’s health.

Gum diseases and cavities can contribute to some serious health conditions, including respiratory diseases and diabetes. Cavities that are left untreated are not only painful, but infectious. Recent studies show that one of the causes of heart disease can be poor oral health.

A good oral health is not only vital for the appearance but also for the ability to chew, sleep, and digest food in a healthy manner.

Oral health and the digestive system:

Whatever goes into the stomach first passes through the mouth; and whatever is in the mouth will pass on to the stomach. Poor oral health, such as gum diseases, infections or cavities, can cause bacterial elements to mix with the food that is being chewed and bring unwanted bacteria into the body.

Poor oral health restricts proper chewing and breaking down the food particles properly, which eventually brings more stress to the digestive system.

Gum diseases that are left untreated may cause people to lose their teeth, but may also increase the risk of infectious diseases in the body. Unhealthy plaque can travel from the mouth to the lungs, increasing the risk of having lung diseases.

What risks oral health?

Good oral health can only be maintained with healthy and nutritious food. Eating habits have a direct relationship with one’s dental and oral health. Other than unhealthy food, smoking is becoming a widely known risk factor for dental and oral diseases. From the health of gum tissues to the damages to teeth bones, tobacco can ruin the entire oral system.

How to maintain good oral health:

As scary as it may sound, maintaining good oral health is, in reality, quite simple.

• Floss and brush your teeth on daily basis. Using an anti-bacterial paste is even better

• Visiting the dentist regularly helps to regulate and protect your dental system

• Eating nutritious food is important, as it helps build the gum tissues and keep the cavities away from teeth

• In pregnancy, good food effects one’s dental health twice as much

• Perform a salt water cleansing of the mouth at least once a week

Oral health goes on for life.  However, once compromised, it is very difficult to restore.  There is nothing natural you can do to bring back your teeth and dental implants are an expensive alternative to proper care and treatment.

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