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Next-Generation Space-Saving Air Purifier Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 24hrs | BoostYourCampaign

July 18
08:06 2020

Löv is a nature-inspired, elegant, and minimalist air purifier that can adapt to any room interior and ensures cleaner air for all room types.

No more wasting money and space on dated, clunky air purifiers. An innovative home appliance company, Komma, has introduced a uniquely elegant and minimalist air purifier on Kickstarter that is a huge space-saver and can adapt to any room interior. Named “Löv” (leaf in Swedish), the air purifier features a nature-inspired leaf design and is equipped with an advanced triple filter, including HEPA with 150 CMH capacity.

The first-of-its-kind, Löv stands out as an exclusive blend of beauty and functionality. The unique selling proposition of this innovative air purifier is its four adaptable designs that not only save space but also allow the purifier to complement any room like a dream.

“An air purifier is a major accessory of your room. Hence, it must blend smoothly with the surrounding ambiance. Based on our research, we realized that every space carries its unique personality and limitations. A common purifier with fixed form can’t cater to the specific needs of each different space and changing situation. Now, it’s certainly next to impossible to shell out a small fortune to buy a new purifier every time you move to a new place or renovate your room. Thus, what you need is an adaptable air purifier that can be customized to suit different spaces and situations without compromising on its beauty and functionality. 

“Imagine using the air purifier to filter out accumulating dust in your dressing room and then easily moving it to rid your kitchen of smells, rather than putting it in each room.  This is where our innovative and elegant Löv comes in.”

These 4 adaptable positions include:

  1. As vertical wall-hanging on narrow walls
  2. As an interior accessory on a shelf with a horizontal standing
  3. As a table accessory with vertical standing in a furnished room
  4. As a horizontal wall-hanging that can be perched at a height where kids can’t reach

“Nature is the world’s ultimate air purifier. Thus, our highly talented Danish design team has adopted a Scandinavia-inspired leafy layout for Löv to make things look more natural.”

Problems posed by regular air purifiers include:

  • Bulky machine-looking artificial design that also eats up a fair share of interior space
  • Fixed non-adaptable form which is unable to satisfy the specific needs of different rooms and situations
  • Too many complicated and unnecessary buttons
  • Noisy purifier
  • Regular small purifiers are space-savers but can’t assure quality purification

How Löv solves the above-mentioned problems with its unique features:

  1. Nature and Scandinavian-inspired design which looks natural and stylish
  2. Four adaptable placement formats that allow one to customize Löv as per particular needs of different spaces and changing situations
  3. Compact design (8 cm/3.5 in.) and amazingly lightweight (3.5 kg/7.7 Ib.)
  4. Patented technology which combines high performance with a space-saving profile
  5. Advanced triple filter – pre-filter/HEPA filter with superior carbon filtering and 150 CMH capacity that can adequately cover any room size
  6. One-touch operation, all-in-one button devoid of unnecessary distracting features
  7. Operates in pin-drop silence

The coolest part of Löv is that it gives users the most premium air purification. We have combined beautiful Scandinavian-inspired design from Denmark with the innovative air purification technology from South Korea. As seen in products from well-known brands like Samsung and LG, the technology in Löv is backed by a state-of-the-art HEPA filter and can shoot out about 25 single cubic meter boxes of clean air in just 10 minutes.  Löv is the air purifier that we all have been looking for long and we can’t wait to bring it out to homeowners everywhere. Löv even got patented for the high performance within its 8cm narrow profile (Domestic Patent complete, PCT applied).”

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