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Revolutionary water system which can save up to 50% of daily water consumption launched on Kickstarter

July 18
08:09 2020

Smart Valve System is an innovative patented water saving system which can save up to 50% of daily water usage by automatically recycling the water being used at home.

Finally, a good news amidst our daily struggle with water crisis. An innovative green startup, Smart Valve, has launched a patented automatic smart water-saving system that can put an end to current drought woes. Called “Smart Valve System”, the eco-friendly system saves up to 50% of daily water usage by automatically recycling the water being used.

The campaign is geared to raising around $80,000.00 US.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Smart Valve System can help users reduce water usage by up to 50% and that too without affecting the quality of life or making any major changes in their regular routine. 

Currently we face another challenge is the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic situation. The Federal guide line require everyone should use 70 – 75 degree F. warm water to wash their hand as much as possible every day, which will drive up the water usage for average 4 to 5 gallon per day for each person because minimum washing time requires 20 seconds.

Therefore, we need to add in an additional water usage to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic in this special time. Plus “We are in the middle of a serious water crisis today. As per the newly passed California law, every resident residing in the State should reduce daily water usage by up to 50 percent by June 2022. But, water is a staple in almost everything we do and it’s really difficult to save such a huge amount of water every day. This is where our patented breakthrough Smart Valve System comes to the rescue. It recycles your used water automatically which eventually helps to save up to 50% of daily water consumption without affecting your daily lifestyle”, stated a leading spokesperson from Smart Valve Systems.

The patented system is not only applicable to California but can also be installed in any home, office, commercial building, or government building across all 50 State of America. 

When asked how the system works, the spokesperson emphasized it’s as easy as taking a normal shower. He explained how we tend to waste water every day during shower by letting the initial batch of cold water run for a while until it gets warm enough. On an average, this leads to wastage of around 5 to 10 gallons of clean water in every bathing session. Smart Valve System works to save water by recycling this wasted water before your daily shower.

“Using our Smart System is as breezy as taking your normal shower. Before jumping in the shower, all you would need to do is turn on the shower faucet first. There would be an indicator light which would turn Red. Now, you would only need to wait for 5 minutes or less until the light turns Green. This Green light indicates that the water is now warm enough for shower and ready for use. This way, the cold batch of 5-10 gallons of water that you usually waste until the warm water comes is saved by our system for future use.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted the many benefits of Smart Valve System –

  • Green system that saves daily water usage by 50%
  • Low utility bills 
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifetime usage
  • No spending on battery replacement
  • Compatible with all existing pipe systems

“Smart Valve System is the next-gen tool that we all have been waiting for to save us from the ongoing water crisis. The coolest part is you won’t have to do anything manually here other than setting up the system in your home or office. We are looking forward to go for mass production of the patented system and also raise awareness about our initiative across America. The most important thing is that put the clean water into best effective usage.  Hence this Kickstarter campaign, your generous support will enable us to make people aware of our revolutionary system, bring Smart Valve System to life, save water and save our planet, help to stop the Covid-19 pandemic continues to expanding and make our lives better.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts of Smart Valve System.

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