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Go Green with Time For Planet Luxury and Sustainable Watch

July 18
08:39 2020

Time for Planet Introduces a Swiss-Made, Luxury, Limited Edition, Sustainable Watch that Allows You to Reduce Your Carbon Foot-Print with Ease

Time for Planet (TFP) has introduced a sustainable form of luxury goods with their eco-friendly, limited edition, Swiss-made watches. Not only are these watches more affordable than high-end watches, they promise to deliver the same quality at a fraction of the price. 

Each watch is especially designed to be scratch-proof, water resistant and engraving is done on the back cover. Keeping the message of sustainability in mind, the watchstraps are made from vegan-leather and are packaged in an eco-friendly manner. With TFP, buyers of luxury goods can take a step towards eco-responsibility and sustainability. 

Furthermore, following TFP’s dedication to reducing one’s carbon foot-print, every sustainable watch and wristband you purchase will allow TFP to plant trees. TFP is collaborating with various operators in order to plant trees that will help to not only counteract the carbon emissions but also help with deforestation. 

A spokesperson from the TFP further explained that, “Sustainability is THE luxury that everyone should be able to afford.The TFP project was born from a clear and original idea; to develop an automatic mechanical watch that satisfies the desire to possess a luxury object that has been created in an environmentally responsible manner. TFP’s design, production and distribution, are all designed with the environment and the planet in mind.”

With each purchase you make, you can look stylish and contribute to helping the earth become better. The best part is that the Sustainable watch is available in three different finishes, namely, WindRose Steel, WindRose Ceramic and WindRose Ceramic Dark. Each finish is carefully hand-made and showcases the Swiss craftsmanship that makes each piece a luxury item. 

Currently, the Sustainable Watch from TFP is only available for purchase through Kickstarter. Based on the package you opt for, prices for the WindRose Steel start from €680 and go up to €920 for the WindRose Ceramic Dark. You can also buy separate wrist straps in different colors, based on your preferences for €50. 

Since they are created as limited-edition pieces, these watches will not be available for sale at retail prices. Once the goal is met, shipping of goods will begin following the schedule shared by TFP. 

Each Kickstarter package directly relates to the number of trees that will be planted with the purchase you make. This starts with1 tree and goes up to a maximum of 8 trees per package. People who are interested in just supporting the cause can also sign up for the Tree package. 

About Time for Planet (TFP)

Time for Planet is certified B Corporation that is founded by managers who possess hands-on-experience in the fashion, art and luxury goods industry. Their years of experience and ability to think out of the box has allowed them to offer affordable and eco-friendly luxury goods. The corporation is dedicated to introducing environmentally friendly practices into the field of high-fashion and luxury goods. 


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