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World Famous Italian Artist and Intellectual, Ruffo Caselli Passed Away

January 04
17:33 2021
The Veteran Is Known as The Father of Cybernetic Existentialism.

Italy – January 4, 2021 – Ruffo Caselli, the renowned Florentine artist who lived in Ovada, Italy passed away on December 24, 2020. The Italian artist is famous for his interpretations of modern technology and is known as the father of Cybernetic Existentialism. He is the star artist of the Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism.

Ruffo Caselli was born in Florence in 1933 and moved to Milano in his early years, where he lived for most of his life. In his time in Milano, Ruffo Caselli had the opportunity to work under celebrated artists such as Italian-Argentinean Lucio Fontana. He fondly reflected about his time with Fontana as “I learned from Lucio how to paint and bake ceramic plates until I became obsessed with technology and robotics and my artistic life took a different turn”.

The Cybernetic Existentialism master was amazed by the development of technology and since the seventies, he featured technological beings, and human-like robots – a robot who looks, acts, and feels like humans in his paintings using oil colors. He was a futuristic artist who anticipated the future in many ways. His paintings that were pregnant with delicate colors and a subtle sense of irony portrayed many forms of contemporary technology including but not limited to controversial topics such as cloning and extraterrestrial intelligence.

Even though Ruffo Caselli’s paintings have been exhibited over one hundred times in Italy, he gained recognition when he was introduced to the New York art scene by a private “conversation center”, a literary salon held in a prestigious art gallery in Soho. Later, he held exhibitions in many famous arts clubs across the world such as the National Arts Club, the Salmagundi, cultural centers of North America, South America, and Korea.

Although the artist was completely devoted to art and preferred solitude, the connection between Ruffo Caselli and Carmen Gallo who was his curator and friend was special. She strongly believed in his art and supported him immensely. Carmen is the founder of the Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Cybernetic Existentialism, which helped Caselli gain recognition. When she learned about his demise through the Italian newspaper ‘LaStampa’, she immediately informed friends who appreciated the artist. An overwhelming number of sympathy notes and phone calls were sent to her from all over the world. Upon a request from a New York gallerist, Carmen opened a letter from Caselli that she kept sealed for many years. It read, “Dear Carmen! I want you to have the notes I wrote about my life. It wasn’t easy. Actually, it was terrible, thank god I paint! Here you find a list of all the art exhibition I participated in before the one you are doing. You are the only one who understood the real me, my art, and who believed in me. Thank you”. He had handed over countless pages written about his philosophical considerations to her, which revealed a hidden part of himself and the subtitles of all his paintings with a note on a small sealed envelope. On it he wrote, “to be opened only after my death”. Ruffo Caselli was obsessed with death even though he pretended otherwise. 

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